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Russell Peters joins Racing Madrid board

Renowned TV personality Russell Peters has embarked on a new venture, stepping into the world of football as he joins the board of Racing Madrid. The Canadian comedian, known for his wit and charm, expressed his enthusiasm for this fresh chapter in the club’s history.

Racing Madrid, rooted in the heart of the Spanish capital, is undergoing a revival, and Peters’ involvement promises to infuse the project with a unique blend of entertainment and sports. With his background in show business, Peters aims to bridge the worlds of television and football, bringing cameras closer to the action on and off the field.

“I’m excited to be part of the Racing Madrid family and contribute to its growth,” Peters remarked.

Racing Madrid traces its roots back to one of the earliest clubs in the Spanish capital, and Peters’ appointment signifies a bold step forward in its evolution. As the club embraces innovation and diversity, Peters’ vision aligns perfectly with its aspirations to captivate audiences both on-screen and in the stands.

With Russell Peters on board, Racing Madrid sets its sights on a thrilling journey ahead, where the worlds of football and entertainment converge in exciting new ways.


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