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Javier Antonio Ruiz Anitua is the new President of Racing Murcia

Racing Murcia eagerly welcomes its new president, Javier Antonio Ruiz Anitua, heralding a new era of leadership and ambition for the club. With his wealth of experience and vision, Ruiz Anitua aims to propel Racing Murcia to new heights in the Spanish football landscape.

Racing Murcia has marked significant milestones in its journey, including participation in the prestigious Copa del Rey, where it faced formidable opponents such as Levante. The club has also garnered national attention due to the presence of celebrities like Royston Drenthe and David Vidal, further solidifying its status in the Spanish football scene.

With Javier Antonio Ruiz Anitua at the helm, Racing Murcia seeks to solidify its place in Spanish football, blending tradition and ambition to reach new milestones. Ruiz Anitua’s appointment signifies a step forward towards strategic and success-oriented management, promising a bright future for Racing Murcia and its supporters.


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