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Ronaldinho, Cannavaro, and Materazzi Receive Heroic Welcome in South Korea Ahead of All Star Game

SEOUL, South Korea, August 13, 2023 — The atmosphere was electric as South Korea rolled out the red carpet for football luminaries Ronaldinho, Fabio Cannavaro, and Marco Materazzi. Their arrival was met with a frenzy of jubilant fans and a media spectacle, exemplifying the nation’s unbridled passion for the sport.

The journalistic community is abuzz, for after a 20-year gap, the renowned All Star football game is poised for its triumphant return on October 21st at Goyang Stadium, a grand comeback brought to fruition by Racing City Group.

The event, helmed by the visionary duo of Morris Pagniello, FIFA AGENT, and Naser Al Tamimi of Novara Calcio, and strengthened by the commitment of Korean partners, Mr. Kevin Taehyun Yang and Mr. Mark Yunsik Kim, is set to redefine South Korea’s football landscape.

Fans worldwide won’t miss a moment, with international broadcasts set to relay every exhilarating second, forging a global bond of football enthusiasts.

In the aftermath of this football extravaganza, the legends will dedicate a day to announce the expansion of the Genova International School of Soccer. Established in 2006 and officially opening its doors in Northern Italy in August 2009, the academy stands as a testament to nurturing young footballing talent. Today, it’s a global phenomenon, with a presence in numerous countries and over 20,000 aspiring footballers associated, showcasing its prowess in sculpting promising young footballers’ career pathways.

The heartfelt reception extended to Ronaldinho, Fabio Cannavaro, and Marco Materazzi by the fans has been truly overwhelming. Yet, whispers in the wind suggest these may not be the only World Cup winners lighting up the event. The world waits with bated breath as more football royalty is expected to be announced soon.

Let us introduce you a New Way of
Football Management

Racing City Group organization operates in football industry since 2018. It has been founded by His Excelency Naser Al-Tamini and Mr. Morris Pagniello. Racing City Group is a reference in the wold of football creating layers of value, focusing on three areas: Training, Sport, Entertainments.

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Established in 2018 by His Excellency Ex International Emirati Basketball player Mr Naser Al Tamimi and Morris Pagniello Australian/ Italian ex Professional Footballer, Racing City is a Reference in Sports Related Bussiness’s all around the world, including club ownerships, the worlds largest football academies,player management and entertainment amd tours companies

Racing city football clubs include Racing Murcia, Racing Capri, Racing Sacramento, Racing Los Angeles, Racing Houston amd more…

Racing City Group can also Count on its numerous Sporting Legends like Javier Zanetti Argentinan International Legend ex Inter Milan player and Current Vice President, Roberto Carlos ex Brazilian World Cup winner and Real Madrid Legend, Julio Ceasar Ex Brazilian International Legend and Inter Milan Legend, Luis Scola ex NBA Legend and Argentina legend

In 2020 Racing City Group reached many agreements in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Mexico, USA, Italy, Spain, Australia, Canada and Panama and continue the expansion. The objective of these alliances is to help improve the quality of selected sports in many countries

Racing City Group Global Bulletin


Racing City Group is delighted to introduce our latest addition to the leadership roster – meet the President of Racing Marbella San Pedro FC, Mr. Mansour Tawafi!

An influential figure in global business, Mansour Tawafi is the founder and mastermind behind Validus Global, a premier organization based in Dubai. His leadership and vision have taken the company to unprecedented heights, showcasing a remarkable knack for strategic planning and execution in the cut-throat business world.

Tawafi’s reputation precedes him, marking his legacy with groundbreaking innovation and robust corporate management. The same tenacity and business acumen that have made Validus Global a formidable name in the industry are the traits we believe will uplift and fortify our new venture, Racing Marbella San Pedro FC.

We are thrilled to welcome Mansour Tawafi on board, and we are excited to see the heights that Racing Marbella San Pedro FC will reach under his esteemed leadership.

As we gather at the headquarters of our Dubai office to present our new Club President, we wish to extend a warm welcome to our newest franchise – Racing Marbella San Pedro FC. May this be the beginning of an extraordinary journey filled with growth, achievements, and remarkable successes.

Welcome aboard, President Tawafi!

Racing City Group

Prepare for an unprecedented journey! The Racing Madrid Football Club, brought back to life in 2021 by the Racing City Group and Steve Nijjar, is set to write a new chapter in its rich history. Following in the footsteps of the remarkable Wrexham story and aiming to repeat the success that other reality shows like “Campioni, il Sogno” have achieved in the past, the club is now the focus of a reality show that documents its audacious mission to ascend from the 5th Tier to the top tiers of La Liga.

For those unfamiliar, Wrexham AFC, one of the oldest clubs in the UK, faced numerous challenges until it was acquired by American actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney. Their unique blend of effort, sport, celebrity, and business acumen brought global attention and new energy to the club, charting a success story that Racing Madrid aims to replicate.

Racing Madrid, the third oldest club in Madrid, was once a fixture in the premier league before being forced to close in 1977 due to financial bankruptcy. Now, after 45 years of dormancy, the club has been revived and is eager to carve out a new path in football history.

The club’s revival is led by Canadian/Indian born former actor and Pro-boxer Steve Nijjar and renowned FIFA agent and ex-professional footballer Morris Pagniello, of Australian/Italian heritage. Joining them is world-renowned Canadian comedian, Russell Peters. This dynamic trio has charted out a bold five-year plan to guide the club back to the pinnacle of Spanish football, recreating the Wrexham magic in Madrid. 📣

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For more information, please contact: [email protected].

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