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Racing Murcia was the first team of the Racing City Group founded by Morris Pagniello in 2018, which has an important role for the development of football in different aspects especially in the research and development of young and talented football players.

In season 2019/20 the Clubs brought top experts ex International players to help the development of the club joined by Ex Real Madrid and Colombian International Edwin Congo as Head Scout and Former Spanish International Legend and Real Madrid and Liverpool player Fernando Morientes as Technical Adviser and the star Signing Former International Dutch player Royston Drenthe ex Real Madrid Everton Sparta Rotterdam the 34 year old is current Captain

Racing Los Angeles and Racing Houston will participate in the 3rd División UPSL United Premier Soccer League season 2021.

In 2020, Real Madrid former player and Spanish Television star Edwing Congo joined Racing Murcia as Talent Scouter and manager of International Relations.

On June 2021, Racing City Group have teamed up with Racing Los Angeles City as part of their latest franchise partnership.

Racing Los Angeles will play in the second division of the United Premier Soccer League from July and host matches at their 15,000-capacity stadium.

They are the fifth club in United States after Dallas, Sacramento, Houston and Miami to strike a partnership with the Racing City Group.

The franchise deal was signed by Morris Pagniello and American businessman and film producer Paolo Odierna.

Pagniello is the founder of Genova International Soccer Academy, which has over 24,000 affiliated players from around the world, and is the president of five football clubs in Italy, Spain and the US.

“We want to grow by striking more partnership deals with clubs and young players from around the world”, said board member Naser Al-Tamimi, “We are also involved with Emirati clubs and players under our philosophy of running them independently as 100 per cent private clubs with professional programmes”.

The Racing City Group has a number of Emirati and expatriate players already enrolled in their programme.

Kalba’s Ahmed Amer Al Naqbi, 23, and Sharjah goalkeeper Majed Mohsen, the 25-year-old son of former UAE goalkeeper Mohsin Musabah, were the first two Emiratis to receive scholarships from La Liga club Deportivo Leganes on November 2019.

Racing City Group is the first to offer Emirati players scholarships to a La Liga club. “It was founded as an academy and two years later we formed a new company – Racing City Group – to be affiliated with clubs,” explained Al Tamimi.

Racing City Group have academies in 14 countries and more than 18,000 players affiliated in clubs from around the world and they play in the first and second division and a scouting team working in Africa, South America, Canada, Italy, Spain, Australia and US.

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