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Tawafi Joined Racing City Group​

Racing City Group is delighted to introduce our latest addition to the leadership roster – meet the President of Racing Marbella San Pedro FC, Mr. Mansour Tawafi!

An influential figure in global business, Mansour Tawafi is the founder and mastermind behind Validus Global, a premier organization based in Dubai. His leadership and vision have taken the company to unprecedented heights, showcasing a remarkable knack for strategic planning and execution in the cut-throat business world.

Tawafi’s reputation precedes him, marking his legacy with groundbreaking innovation and robust corporate management. The same tenacity and business acumen that have made Validus Global a formidable name in the industry are the traits we believe will uplift and fortify our new venture, Racing Marbella San Pedro FC.

We are thrilled to welcome Mansour Tawafi on board, and we are excited to see the heights that Racing Marbella San Pedro FC will reach under his esteemed leadership.

As we gather at the headquarters of our Dubai office to present our new Club President, we wish to extend a warm welcome to our newest franchise – Racing Marbella San Pedro FC. May this be the beginning of an extraordinary journey filled with growth, achievements, and remarkable successes.

Welcome aboard, President Tawafi!

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