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Racing Capri FC: From Pandemic Hiatus to a Thrilling Comeback in Eccellenza Italiana

Racing Capri City FC is an Italian football club located in the island of Capri, Italy. The historical team was founded in 1960 with the name of Capri FC, which finally changed to Racing Capri City FC in 2020, with the objective of bringing back the professional football to the city.

The beautiful island of Capri is once again reverberating with the rhythm of competitive football. Racing Capri FC is ecstatic to announce its return to the beautiful game, as it prepares to take part in Eccellenza Italiana.

The challenging times of the 2020-2021 season brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic were particularly hard on medium-small clubs. Pandemic-related restrictions and economic struggles led to a suspension of activities for many, including Racing Capri FC. The club also faced the additional challenge of managing travel logistics to and from Capri Island.

However, even during these trying times, Racing Capri FC managed to grab international attention thanks to the participation of football legend, Fernando Morientes. The news of Morientes joining as the technical director drew widespread acclaim and was covered extensively by various media outlets, including Sky TG 24, Sky Sport, Marca, and more on the international stage.

Now, we are excited to proclaim that Racing Capri FC is ready to return to the pitch, invigorated and more determined than ever before.

Fernando Morientes, the esteemed Spanish striker with an impressive career at clubs like Liverpool and Real Madrid, has taken up the role of the technical director at Racing Capri FC. Club president Morris Pagniello, owner of the ‘Genova International School of Soccer,’ has joined hands with Morientes to identify and nurture young talent.

“Football is going through a difficult time. This academy will help the young to grow from a sports perspective, but also humanly and personally, in a 360-degree manner,” Morientes had remarked during the pandemic, underscoring the club’s comprehensive development approach.

Today, the heart of Capri beats once again to the rhythm of competitive football. With a revitalized spirit and readiness to compete, Racing Capri FC is set to make waves in the Eccellenza Italiana!

Racing Capri City FC is part of the Racing City Group founded by Morris Pagniello in 2019, which has an important role for the development of football in different aspects.

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